Germany, Russia, Hungary and Austria will play in the Women´s Under 19 B-division; Austria participating for the first time in the WU19 WFC.

Below you will find information about the teams, their goals and star players. More information about the teams is found on the Official WU19 2010 Web page.


Germany – The team was relegated to the B-division in 2008 and is now trying to start all over again. The German team does not consider it to be the favourites of the group, but will try to give Russia and Hungary a tough time.

Players to be noted:
Laura Neumann – Skilled centre who is  intelligent on the field and has great  technique. Neumann played already in the WU19 WFC 2008.
Pauline Baumgarten – A clever sniper who is very good in position play. Baumgarten´s accurate shooting skills make her a dangerous weapon.
Lisa Entelmann – Allrounder with great physics. She has gained experience from the Women´s WFC in 2009 and two WU19 WFC´s (2006 & 2008).


Russia  – The goal for the Russian WU19 is to win the B-division in the 4th WU19 World Championship 2010. Russia expects intense matches against Germany, Hungary and Austria.

Players to be noted:
Zoya Ovchinnikova – Ovchinnikova is  a young and promising forward. She played already in the WU19 2008 where she scored 3+3.
Liudmila Troshina – Liudmila was the  number two goalie in the women´s national team in 2009. Liudmila was also named the best goalkeeper and was elected to the All star team in the World School Championship in 2009 in Slovakia.
Dina Sidekova – Best attacking defender in the Russian WU19 team. She has already proved her talent in the Women´s WFC 2009 and in the previous WU19 WFC 2008 in Poland where she gathered 5 points (3+2) in 5 matches.


Hungary– Hungary has built up a new young team with only one player born in 1991. The team has gained a lot of international experience in the last two years as most of the players were also member of the women´s team. Now we would like to reach a good place which also can be a gold medal in the B-division.

Players to be noted:
Five of the Hungarian WU19 players also participated in the women´s WFC in December. The forwards Veronika SzarvasNóra Suszták and Boglárka Bartók were very valuable players already in the Women´s tournament. The team hopes that they can utilize their experience and lead Hungary to many victories.


Austria – The juniors team is the result of an experiment to build up a female floorball players base in Austria. Starting with seven girls one year ago there now exists a steadly increasing player pool. Due to the short preparation time the team will concentrate mostly on an excellent defensive play including some surprises for the opponents.

Players to be noted:
Julia Kaser – excellent goalkeeper with the talent to play in the highest leagues in the top nations.
Melanie Bernert – talented offencsive player with the ability to play the leading role
Alexandra Kemptner – all-round player, can play in every position, but best in aggressive offensive play.

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