Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Norway, Latvia, and Slovakia will play for the championship title in the A-division.

The teams have described their rosters and goals in the WFC and also named the players that the spectators should notify during the Championships, read more below. More information about the teams is found on the Official WU19 2010 Web page.


Switzerland – the reigning champion has a good mix of players of different ages and league provenances. Some players already play in the highest eague in Switzerland. The aim is to reach the final and win the gold again.

Players to be noted:
Corin Rüttimann – a very talented player with scoring skills who played already in the Women´s WFC 2009 and scored 9 goals in 6 games there.
Flurina Marti – The captain of this team. Despite her age, she is already very experienced and won the gold medal 2008 with the U19.
Jennifer Lohrer – a very talented goalkeeper.


Sweden – The team´s aim is to have fun and feel joy when playing in the championship. The goal is also to develop as a team and player and learn to know yourself under tough circumstances. Team Sweden wants to show the audience attractive floorball which stands for technique and speed with the goal to win the goldmedal.

Players to be noted:
Therese Karlsson – a hard working goalscorer with brilliant technique.
Emelie Wibron – belongs in the Swedish senior team, she have the hardest dragshot in the competition.
Anna Wijk – belongs in the Swedish senior team, she has wrists and a look for the game that few players in the world can match.


Finland – The main goal is to improve the game troughout the tournament and to play this team´s best games in these Championships.

Players to be noted:
Sanna Roisko – A defender who is very good with the ball, being able to give some accurate opening passes.
Hanna-Mari Uimonen – A skilful forward, who is a hard worker on the field. Uimonen played already in the WFC 2009 where she scored 1+2.
Mirja & Laura Hietamäki – The identical twins who are the future stars in Finland. Both are very effective in the offensive zone and in the 2009 internationals Laura collected 3+3 and Mirja (in picture) 4+0 in three matches.


Poland – The team achieved their best placement ever in the home Championships in 2008 and the team needs to perform very well in order to keep the 4th place in 2010.

Players to be noted:
Magdalene Kuhnke – The goalkeeper who is a very good competitor and a strength for the team excellent in co-operating with the defenders.
Martyna Rzepa – A defender with very good motorical skills being able to play as both defender and forward.
Maja Stenka – A forward with a very good eye for the game knowing where to play the ball. She also has a very good shot.


Czech Republic – A well-balanced team with offensive conception of game and broader age structure. Moreover, there is the balance in the minimal efficiency difference of the three lines, as well as of the two goalies. The team definitely wants to succeed on home ground and show spectators not only the beauty but also the emphasis of girls´ Floorball.

Players to be noted:
Hana Koníčková – A fast and dynamic right wing. Plays in the women’s team FBC Liberec and participated in the women’s WFC 2009.
Tereza Urbánková – a right wing and shooter in the Czech National Team, as well as in 1.SC WOOW Vítkovice. Experienced player with good sense of shooting goals and giving passes.
Adéla Bočanová – the youngest player of the Czech selection, but not a “greenhorn“. A very talented and creative playera also good in shooting penalty shots.


Norway – U19 women´s category Norway´s aim is to achieve their best placement ever. Norway has gained three consecutive 6th places in the three previous WU19 WFC´s.The Norwegian team includes mostly young players, who are supported by some more experienced players who have played in previous Championships.

Players to be noted:
Brigitte Berg – A talented goalkeeper who needs to take some important saves in order for Norway to succeed.
Martina Hall –  An experienced and fast player who has eight U19 national team games, in which she scored a total of five goals.
Susann Biseth – A forward from Tunet that has played in four WU19 internationals and collected 3+1


Latvia – The team´s aim is to improve the placement from the previous U19 WFC in 2009 and finish amongst the top 5 teams.

Players to be noted:
Mara Stapkevica – A experienced forward who played both in the WU19 2006 and in 2008.
Luize Bilinska – She is already a talented goal scorer although she is only 16 years old.
Katrina Banka – One of the key players of the team who played already in the u19 WFC 2008. In this year´s internationals she scored 3+3 in four matches.


Slovakia – Slovakia won the B-division in 2008 and will now challenge the A-division teams. Slovakia´s aim is to stay in the A-division for the next Championships.

Players to be noted:
Denisa Ferencikova – it will be her last performance in the U19 team, she is aiming to start playing floorball in the Czech Republic starting from next season.
Romana Janegova and Veronika Izraelova  – young players, their first WFC, both are strong, fast, good with the stick and they should help the whole team to score.

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