The 2nd World University Championships in Floorball started up with a number of deviated results. It was clearly visible that the participating teams (Austria, Czech Republic, Japan, Finland, Hungary, Slovakia, Sweden and Switzerland) are from two different levels. Despite the fact of the big results especially the Slovak team preformed very well against Switzerland.

During the day the FISU representatives found that it is vital for Floorball to have all the best countries included in the WUC to have a real good tournament. It was welcomed that there are real top players playing in the different teams, where Switzerland, Finland and the Czech Republic have players that played in the WFC 2006 in Sweden.

The results from the first day: Switzerland – Japan 13 – 1, Czech – Austria 15 – 1, Finland – Hungary 22 – 0, Sweden – Slovak 13 – 0, Slovak – Switzerland 3 – 11 and Czech – Austria 16 – 2, clearly showed that there will be some interesting matches between Sweden and Switzerland and Finland and the Czech Republic today.

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