During the Swedish Floorball Federation’s General Assembly, which was conducted digitally during Sunday the 14th of June, the Annual Report 2019/20 and the Plan of Action 2020/21 were approved. The Swedish Floorball Federation also elected one new member to its Central Board.

Ther change that was made to the Central Board was that Ulf Holst was elected as a new member, while Helen Sundström Hetta did not stand for re-election.

Swedish Floorball Federation Central Board:
Märit Bergendahl, President
Carin Sjöberg
Victoria Wikström
Mats Romell
Ulf Holst
Andreas Carlson
Helén Wiklund Wårell
Lena Larsson
Martin Klabere

Source & more information: Swedish Floorball Federation

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