Welcome to the Men’s U19 WFC in Halifax, Canada!

Floorball has taken important steps to reach our Vision and ultimately a place in the Olympic Games. With the “Olympic Agenda 2020”, and “The New Norm” there are a lot of initiatives, including possible rotations of sports on the Olympic program, and the “upgrading” of the World Games. TWG 2017 in Poland was a huge success, both from the sporting as well as media and political perspectives. The road to TWG 2021 in Birmingham, Alabama, USA is on!

TWG 2021 in the USA is of highest importance for the development of floorball in the Americas. Hence all initiatives in Canada and in the Americas are very important, and IFF is together with all the members highly appreciative to Floorball Canada for undertaking important events such as the U19, we have fresh in mind the huge success in Belleville in 2016, and hence are looking forward with high expectations to the 2019 U19 in Halifax!

Floorball’s own events, such as the U19 World Floorball Championships, are very important from the sporting perspective, national teams need to play against each other, in order to improve and develop. At the same time, we need more events from the marketing/political side, to showcase Floorball as a youth-oriented and fast-growing sport worldwide. International Floorball needs to grow on the big markets such as Canada and the Americas. The IFF, with the participating teams, convey our gratitude to the city of Halifax and to Floorball Canada, wishing you full success with the Men’s U19 WFC!

Tomas Eriksson IFF President

Tomas Eriksson
IFF President

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