The board of the Austrian Floorball Association has decided to introduce protective eyewear for all young floorball players who take part in floorball competitions in Austria starting from season 2020/21. The rule applies to all participating players under 16 years old. 

The protective eyewear in floorball is mandatory for youth players in Austria starting from next season. Goalkeepers are exception to this rule, since they are required to wear helmets. The Austrian Floorball Association is following the actions taken in Switzerland, where the Swiss Foorball Association is introducing the mandatory protective eyewear for season 2020/21. Referees are required to monitor the requirement together with the coaching team. If necessary, they can issue a penalty for incorrect equipment.

– We have been monitoring the situation for a year and have been listening to the clubs. The protective eyewear is an adequate step for us to protect children and youth from eye injuries, says Armin Raditschnig, the President of the Austrian Floorball Association.

The association further explains the need for using protective eyewear in floorball here. They have also listed tips how to make it easier to play with the safety goggles.

IFF recommends the use of protective eyewear

Protective eyewear is available, and the IFF Medical Committee strongly recommends that the protection is used. In addition, the IFF recommends that the Member Associations make the use protective eyewear mandatory, like more and more IFF Member Associations have. Some additional examples below:

  • In Finland all players born 1.1.1999 or later must use approved protective eyewear in official matches
  • In Sweden, all players born 1.1.2003 or later must use approved protective eyewear in official matches
  • In Norway, players born 1.1.2000 or later, must use approved protective eyewear in official matches until they reach senior age
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