For this season, the Women’s league in Finland (Naisten Salibandyliiga) was divided into two separate leagues, NLA and NLB. Now the top six teams from NLA have been further divided into two placement series.

The three best teams in the NLA, SB-Pro, PSS and EräViikingit, are playing in the placement series A. They will meet each other twice and get four games each. The teams placed from 4th to 6th, Koovee, Classic and TPS, play in placement series B. The final standings for the play-offs will be decided in these matches and the points gained during regular season will remain. The quarter-final opponents will be chosen on Sunday, 8th of March.

In the play-offs qualifications, the 7th and 8th placed teams in NLA, SSRA and Pelicans SB will play against 1st and 2nd placed teams in NLB for the last two spots in the play-offs and for the spot in NLA in 2020-21. The last regular season matches in NLB are played on Saturday 22nd February.


Placement series A

Saturday 22.2.2020 17:00 SB-Pro – EräViikingit Arkadia-halli
Sunday 23.2.2020 17:00 PSS – SB-Pro Porvoon SBH
Friday 28.2.2020 18:30 EräViikingit – PSS Mosahalli
Sunday 1.3.2020 14:00 EräViikingit – SB-Pro Mosahalli
Saturday 7.3.2020 17:00 PSS – EräViikingit Porvoon SBH
Sunday 8.3.2020 18:00 SB-Pro – PSS Arkadia-halli

Placement series B

Saturday 22.2.2020 18:30 Koovee – TPS AutoCenter Areena
Sunday 23.2.2020 16:00 Classic – Koovee Tampere Areena
Friday 28.2.2020 18:30 TPS – Classic Leaf Areena
Sunday 1.3.2020 17:00 TPS – Koovee Kupittaan ph
Saturday 7.3.2020 16:00 Classic – TPS Tampere Areena
Sunday 8.3.2020 18:30 Koovee – Classic AutoCenter Areena

Women’s quarter-finals will begin on 14th of March and the semi-finals on 28th of March. The first match of the final series is planned to be played on Thursday, 9th of April.

Source: Finnish Floorball Federation

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