Four Finnish floorball pioneers founded the Finnish Floorball Museum (registered ass.) during summer 2019. The world’s first Floorball Museum will be opened at Ideapark shopping centre in Lempäälä, Finland on Tuesday 25th of February. 

The organisation wants to promote playing floorball, to respect the traditions of playing floorball, to collect, archive and present the materials related to the history and development of floorball. The museum will bring up valuable memories, events and phenomenon connected to floorball. The museum will be open to the public from Tuesday 25th of February.

– Floorball is no more in a junior age, since there is history in the sport in Finland starting 35 years ago. During that time, floorball has developed into one of the most played sports in Finland. The floorball museum wants to show the floorball story to the whole Finnish society. To support this purpose, locating the first floorball museum to Ideapark in Lempäälä, is a perfect solution, Jari Kinnunen, the chairman of the Floorball Museum comments.

The collection at the museum will include historical floorball sticks and the historical evolution of floorball sticks is also featured. In addition, the collection includes Finnish WFC trophies and medals, jerseys, magazines, books and floorball equipment. There is also a retro corner that takes us to the root of floorball when the game was still played with socks on the blades.

– The visit to the Floorball Museum will be a time travel to the development of floorball from the 1980s to the present time. Floorball in Finland is a success story and already now a part of Finnish sport history, Jari Kinnunen concludes.

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