We present you a series of short interviews called #NewStarsBorn with media ambassadors!

They talk about their team’s preparations, their goals and more!

Our next guest is an athlete from Slovakia, Laura Chúpeková!


What are your goals for the championship?

We would like to be better than we were on the last junior World Championships, than we would like to be on semifinal and maybe win a medal.

How does your preparation for the championship look like?

Our preparation involve some meetings where we have a couple of trainings and also some teambuildings and than our condition coach send to us some individual exercises.

How would you rate your team preparing fo the championship?

I think that in those meeting we learned a lot and we became a great team, we really understand each other which is a good start for success.

What comes to your mind when you think about Poland?

We are glad that the championships were transferred to the Poland. Most of us know this country very well and our fans will not have to travel so far. Typical for Poland are mainly krowky but also a number of beautiful places, which I hope in our free time in World Championships we will visit.


Good luck Slovakia and see you in Katowice!

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