The Women’s U19 WFC 2022 was originally planned to be played in New Zealand in May 2022 but due to continuing Covid-19 travel restrictions the event had to be postponed and will now be held in Katowice, Poland from 31st August – 4th September 2022.


Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
Finland (1)
Sweden (2)Canada (13*)Australia (14*)
Switzerland (4)Czech Republic (3)New Zealand (15*)Latvia (5)
Poland (6)Norway (6*)Hungary (17)Denmark (22)
Germany (8)
Slovakia (7)Italy (19^)Austria (11^)


The event will be played with 16 teams divided into four groups. They will play group matches followed by play-off and placement games. The 16 teams have been decided according to results from U19 WFC 2020 as well as regional qualifications held in September 2021 U19 WFCQ 2022. Due to the exceptional circumstance the groups have been decided according to ranking, rather than a ballot draw.

This will be the third time that Poland has hosted the Women’s U19 World Floorball Championships. Previous events were held in 2008 in Babimost, Wolsztyn, & Zbaszyn, and in Babimost, Rakoniewice, & Zbaszyn in 2014.


*Due to Covid-19, many teams were unable to participate in the U19 WFC 2020 final round event. Accordingly, the IFF Central Board decided that teams that were not able to participate would keep their current ranking, meaning that POL & NOR have equal ranking.

^Italy replace Russia who are indefinitely suspended from all international floorball activities. USA & Singapore withdrew from participating and were replaced by Latvia & Austria.