We present you a series of short interviews called #NewStarsBorn with media ambassadors!

They talk about their team’s preparations, their goals and more!

Our next guest is an athlete from Hungary, Nóra Lelovics.


What are your goals for the championship?

Achieve the best possible ranking and improve as much as possible and do our best.

How does your preparation for the championship look like?

We did a lot of training, both ball and strength training. We watched previous match footage and tried to correct our mistakes based on that and we also played a lot of training matches with both domestic and foreign teams.

How would you rate your team preparing fo the championship?

Everybody is very keen to succeed and to achieve the goals we set ourselves after the qualifiers. Individually and as a team we have done and will do our best to finish the preparation and the World Championships with satisfaction.

What comes to your mind when you think about Poland?

First, of course, Warsaw and all the sights, but then the World Championship, with all the opportunities and experriences. We’re all looking forward to being there.


Good luck Hungary and see you in Katowice!

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