We present you a series of short interviews called #NewStarsBorn with media ambassadors!

They talk about their team’s preparations, their goals and more!

Our next guest is an athlete from Denmark, Anna Habersatter.


What are your goals for the championship?

Our goals for the championship are to get as far as possible. We have shown at the Qualifications that we are ready and that our team spirit is our biggest strength. We want to continue, where we successfully ended things in Estonia and then we will see what is in it for us.

How does your preparation for the championship look like?

We had lot of team-weekends, where it was just us and we played internal games and had a lot of practice, tactics and line preparations. Now that we are close to the WFC, we are going to play some friendly games in July and August against different teams such as a Swedish team and – if things work out – the women’s U19 team from Norway.

How would you rate your team preparing fo the championship?

I think we are on the right track. We all work hard and we are very motivated each time we get together. Also the friendly games will help us to get the last things on point and the line up will get more and more concrete and sharp.

What comes to your mind when you think about Poland?

The first thing that comes to my mind is that the host nation Poland is located much closer to Denmark than New Zealand and as a result more comfortable to get to in terms of travelling. Secondly I googled the location Katowice when I learned that this is the hosting city of the WFC and what I found was super appealing – it looks really nice on the pictures. I am very excited to get there!


Good luck Denmark and see you in Katowice!

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