After the completion of the European qualification all teams for the Women’s U19 WFC 2022 are now confirmed. 

The 10th Women’s U19 WFC will be played from 4th – 8th May 2022 in Wellington, New Zealand, at ASB Sport Centre, making it the first time that a major IFF final round event has been played in the southern hemisphere.

This event will be played with 16 teams divided into four groups based on ranking and a ballot. Groups A/B and C/D are divided according to ranking (based on results from U19 WFC 2020*). The ballot to determine the final groups will be held later this year.

 Group A Group B Group C Group D
Finland (1)
Sweden (2)Canada (13*)Australia (14*)
Switzerland (4)Czech Republic (3)New Zealand (15*)Latvia (5)
Poland (6)Norway (6*)Hungary (17)Denmark (22)
Germany (8)
Slovakia (7)Italy (19^)Austria (11^)

*Due to Covid-19, many teams were unable to participate in the U19 WFC 2020 final round event. Accordingly, the IFF Central Board decided that teams that were not able to participate would keep their current ranking. Teams marked with (-) are unranked as they are competing in their first event in this category.

U19 WFC 2022 starts in....