We present you a series of short interviews called #NewStarsBorn with media ambassadors!

They talk about their team’s preparations, their goals and more!

Our next guest is an athlete from Poland, Paulina Bartoszewicz.


What are your goals for the championship?

The goal of our team is to present our skills, which we have acquired over all seasons, and combine them into one, prosperous organism in the fight at the International Arena, not forgetting that the whole team is like a family that supports itself, striving for the coveted fight with the Top 4.

How does your preparation for the championship look like?

As you know, every competitor would prefer that the World Championships were held during the seasons when our technique and motor skills are at the highest level, but for reasons beyond the control of any of us, they had to be postponed, despite this, our coaching staff makes sure that we throughout the entire period of preparation even in the most difficult moment for the player, which is the vacation, they did not fall out of shape through training that we have to do individually. Referring to the preparations that lasted throughout the season, we are talking about training camps where we and the coaches left our hearts to bring us the best.

How would you rate your team preparing fo the championship?

I think that everyone put a lot of effort to prepare for the long-awaited championship. We are getting better and better during national team camps, during which we, as well as the coaches, left our hearts to make the best of us.

What comes to your mind when you think about Poland?

One thing that immediately comes to mind is the family. Each of the players and coaches brings to the team something that builds the atmosphere. When we see a smile on our faces, despite how exhausting the training was and we still have the strength to do more, we can say that we have built a small family, that has a chance to reach the top together.


Good luck Poland and see you in Katowice!

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