We present you a series of short interviews called #NewStarsBorn with media ambassadors!

They talk about their team’s preparations, their goals and more!

Our next guest is an athlete from Latvia, Samanta Berzina.


What are your goals for the championship?

Of course, everyone wants to play the best they can, including me, but my personal big goal for this championship is to keep the team together and make sure that they are enjoying this championship experience because for a lot of girls this will be their first.

How does your preparation for the championship look like?

Despite the fact that we did not even know if we will be able to play in this championship, we started our training process at the end of April. When we come together in training camps, we are trying to improve technical skills and play as much as we possibly can. However, the physical preparedness is more on our own shoulders – we have a special individual training program that we need to follow.

How would you rate your team preparing fo the championship?

In Latvia women’s floorball is not that popular, but we are doing the best we can, for example, playing against boys. Team starts with each one of us and I believe that everyone is doing the best they can. Overall the preparation is going well.

What comes to your mind when you think about Poland?

First thing that comes to mind hearing “Poland” for sure is mountains. Here in Latvia we have only one. Poland is one of the closest places to us that have a lot of beautiful mountains and that is why it is my first association.


Good luck Latvia and see you in Katowice!

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