A great floorball spectacle and the weekend Champions Cup in Ostrava was concluded by the final battle between Storvreta and Wiler. The Swedes went quickly into a three-goal lead, which their opponents managed to close, but in the final twenty minutes they dominated and score seven goals. So, after a 10-4 victory, the players of Storvreta IBK were awarded gold medals.

Storvreta entered the final in the same way as on Saturday against Vítkovice. Within ten minutes the Swedes were up by three goals, but this lead wasn’t enough for them to stay calm. Late in the tenth minute Nicola Bischofberger found the five hole with his shot and gave Wiler the much-needed impulse. After Wiler’s second goal Robin Nilsberth was awarded a 2+10 penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct, which helped Wiler level the score before the first intermission. So, the 1,600 hundred fans enjoyed a very interesting opening period.

The second part wasn’t so filled with goals but the fans saw many fierce tackles and a battle for every inch of the court. Emotions flared on both sides and Wiler-Ersigen went into the lead for the first time. But then came the critical third period for the Swiss team, in which they were outclassed by Storvreta. The Scandinavians started dominating on the court and kept sending one ball after another behind Martin Menetrey’s back. Albin Sjögren complete a hattrick and was later announced as Storvreta’s man of the match.

Wiler took a time-out and tried to pull their goalie, but to no avail. They failed to at least reduce the crushing defeat. Tobias Gustafsson and Joonas Pylsy spent the most time on court, both around 30 minutes. So, in the end, Storvreta players received the Champions Cup trophy and gold medals, whereas the Swiss team traveled home with silver medals.

Best players of the match: Albin Sjögren (Storvreta IBK) – Krister Johannes Valdemar Savonen (SV Wiler-Ersigen).

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