The Champions Cup is a tournament for for the elite European clubs organised by the International Floorball Federation (IFF). The tournament format has changed over the years, with significant changes occurring in 2011, 2015 and 2019.

The Champions Cup structure follows the EuroFloorball Cup (EFC), formerly known as European Cup. Four men´s teams and four women’s teams (8 teams in total) participate in a “Final Four”-event. The lower ranked European teams play the EuroFloorball Cup.

Champions Cup winners

2019 Men: Classic Women: IKSU
2017 Men: IBF Falun Women: IKSU
2016 Men: Storvreta IBK Women: Pixbo Wallenstam IBK
2015 Men: IBF Falun Women: KAIS Mora IF
2014 Men: IBF Falun Women: Djurgårdens IF IBF
2013 Men: IBF Falun Women: Rönnby IBK
2012 Men: Storvreta IBK Women: IKSU
2011 Men SSV Helsinki Women: Djurgårdens IF IBF


Champions Cup organisers

2022 TBA, Finland
2021 TBA, Switzerland
2020 Ostrava, Czech Republic
2019 Gävle, Sweden
2017 Seinäjoki, Finland
2016 Borås, Sweden
2015 Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic
2014 Zurich, Switzerland
2013 Tampere, Finland
2012 Umeå, Sweden
2011 Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic


EuroFloorball Cup (EFC) (called the European Cup until 2007) was first played in 1993. The first Men’s champion was the Swedish team, Balrog IK, and the first Women’s champion was VK Rasket, also from Sweden. After the 2000 World Championship, the tournament changed its format to a biennial event, but returned to the annual format in 2008.

EuroFloorball Cup is now played each year with the national champions from the countries ranked five and below all eligible to register. It is played with 6 men’s and 6 women’s teams in a 5-day competition format.

EuroFloorball Challenge (EFCh) is played in a similar format to the EFC and is played annually depending on the number of teams that register for EFC. If more than 6 teams register, then six teams are selected according to ranking, organising country, and previous EFCh winner to play the EFC, while the others compete in the EFCh. The winner of the EFCh receives automatic qualification for the EFC the following year.

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