The Women’s World Floorball Championship is the second largest floorball event in the world. More than 1’500 volunteers will help during the 9 days, to make it a great event. By the 13th September, an application form will be available, to announce your interest of becoming a volunteer at the WFC 2019 in Neuchâtel.

In particular, we are looking for volunteers with the following tasks:

  • Catering (Sales of food & beverages)
  • Ticketing (Ticket sales & entrance control)
  • Security
  • Statistics (Recording of statistics during the game; goals, passes, etc..)
  • VIP (Welcome-Desk & service)
  • Chauffeur (Transport of officials, referees etc.)
  • Ballboys (especially children between the ages of 10 – 14 years)

If you are interested to be part at the WFC as a volunteer, you can inscribe by 13th December with the application form or get in contact already in advanced on the e-mail adresse below.

For further information on the respective areas of responsibility, the following persons are at your disposal:

Julien Guggisberg and Timothée Hunkeler