We would like to answer your most frequently asked questions about the ticketing of the Women’s World Floorball Championships in Neuchâtel from 7th to 15th December hereafter.


How many tickets can I buy?
You can buy up to 20 tickets for each day. If you want to buy more tickets, please contact ticketing@swissunihockey.ch

Can I buy tickets in the / in front of the arenas?
Yes. As long as available, tickets can be bought in /in front of both arenas.

Are there fan sectors?
The swiss fan sector is in sector G/H (1st category tickets) and sector A (2nd category tickets).
There is no specified fan sector for the other teams.


I am planning to come to the WFC with a small child. Does he/she need a ticket?
Children younger than 3 years do not need a ticket.

Do young children have free entrance to the arena?
Yes, Children younger than 6 years have free entrance, but need a ticket, if they are older than 3 years. Please contact ticketing@swissunihockey.ch

Wheelchair user

I’m wheelchair user. How can I buy my ticket?
Please contact ticketing@swissunihockey.ch

Are discounts available for persons with severe health disability requiring assistance?
Wheelchair user pay the normal price of a daily ticket. If the he/she needs assistance, their required accompanying person has free entrance.

Entrance to  arenas

Will I be able to access “La Riveraine” with a ticket of the main arena “Patinoires du Littoral”?
Yes. A valid ticket to “Patinoires du Littoral” will allow you to access matches in “La Riveraine” of charge. However, a ticket to “La Riveraine” will not allow access to “Patinoires du Littoral”.

Do I have a seating place in La Riveraine, when I bought a ticket for the main arena “Patinoires du Littoral”?
There will be numbered seating in La Riveraine. You don’t have a specific seat reserved for you with a ticket of the main arena.

When will both arenas open?
Both venues will open 60 minutes before the first match of the day starts.