The first day is over!
We present a short recap of the matches.

Switzerland at the start of the tournament high defeats Germany 16:0. Best players: Anja Wyss from Switzerland and Emma Luxenhofer  from Germany.

In the second match, Finland takes the 9:0 victory over the host team, Poland. Best players: Suvi Hamalainen from Finland and Zuzanna Abramczyk from Poland.


In the first match, Sweden showed its strength and won 19:1 against Norway. Best players: Hanna Nordstrand from Sweden and Ingrid Naess  from Norway.

In the second match, after a tough game, the Czech Republic won against Slovakia 8:6! . Best players: Karolina Klubalova from Czech Republic and Adriana Michaliskova from Slovakia.


Big news for New Zealand’s fans. Their team won first game againts Canada 8:2  Best players: Sophie Pomeroy from Canada and Frankie Coup  from New Zealand.

In the second game we saw a lot of goals. At the end Hungary defeats Italy 12:8. Big game for Nora Lelovics, who scored NINE goals!. Best players: Nora Lelovics from Hungary and Roberta Olshov from Italy.


In the first match on Brynów Arena, Austria takes the 6:0 victory over Denmark. Best players: Sille Larsen from Austria and  Leona Gratzer  from Denmark.

In the last game, Latvia’s huge win against Australia – 11:2! . Best players: Mackenzie Sargeant from Australia and Aurelija Zarina from Latvia.


Here’s the group standing after the first day.

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