Friday was the last day for the group games at the Women’s U19 WFC 2022 in Katowice, Poland. 

Slovakia vs Sweden

Sweden dominated the game from the start. They did not waste time and scored two times in the first three minutes. Slovakia tried their best but were not very successful in finding the back of the net. In the end it was Sweden with a comfortable 11-2 victory.

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New Zealand vs Hungary

What a ripper of a game. Nora Lelovic continued to be the key person respectively goal scorer for Hungary. But New Zealand was able to answer with a very strong team effort. The kiwis were able to lead the game three times but Hungary had each time an answer. This resulted in a very attractive draw.

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Austria vs Australia

A nail-biter of a game – with the better end for Team Austria. No team was able to score in the first period. Just after the first intermission it was Austria which was able to score the first goal of the match. Australia had the chance to score the equalizer with a penalty shot – but missed. Ten minutes later they did better and scored their first goal of the game. Silvia Hoffmann scored the match winning goal (2-1 for Austria) just 19 seconds before the final siren.

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Germany vs Finland

The story of this game is summarized quickly: Finland powered and scored from the first minute onwards (after ten minutes they were leading 6-0) and did not stop this throught the whole game. These efforts paid off with a shutout for Aino-Kaisa Lyttinen and a 10-0 win for the whole team.

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Czech Republic vs Norway

Team Czech Republic executed the details more exact, precise and faster. This led that team Czech Republic was leading 2-1 and 4-2 after the first period respectively the second period. The story to tell after the second intermission: Czech Republic continued to score regularly and Norway scored another one goal in the period. 8-3 win for Czech Republic.

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Latvia vs Denmark

Ready, set and go – and 68 seconds later Latvia scored their first goal of the match. It was Madlena Rozite who scored that first goal. She also scored the last two goals of the match. From a Danish perspective there we no goals to report – hence Latvia wins 8-0.

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Switzerland vs Poland

Great start for team Poland which was able to put the first goal on their scoring sheet. But the Swiss national team had some strong answers and were able to score seven consecutive goals. Switzerland wins the third game as well by 7-1.

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Italy vs Canada

Team Canada had a very energetic first period. Two out of their nine shots found the back of the net. But Italy had the answer with ten shots in the second period and scored four goals. The Canadiens would have needed a strong comeback in the last period – but both teams scored one goal each; means Italy wins 5-3.

Match statistics available here.

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