Team Thorengruppen IBK are the winners of the Women’s IFF Floorball Champions Cup 2023. Although it was their first CC title they continue the Swedish domination in the Women’s Champions Cup as only the Swedish club teams have managed to win the competition. 

The final was played between Thorengruppen IBK and TPS and the beginning of the battle was even. The match stayed tight until the third period but then Thorengruppen got to another level. Emelie Wibron and Veera Kauppi added their lead in the third period and final score 5-2 secured the title for the Swedish champions.

FBC Ostrava won the bronze match 4-2 against Kloten-Dietlikon Jets.

Women’s CC 2023 standings:

  1. Team Thorengruppen IBK
  2. TPS
  3. FBC Ostrava
  4. Kloten-Dietlikon Jets

Women’s All-Star Team

Women’s CC All-Star Team from left to right: Saario, Nordlund, Kauppi, Ekenlinde, Boric Svard, Tomsova. Photo by Anssi Koskinen


Goalkeeper: #75 Veronika Tomsova (FBC Ostrava)
Defender: #5 Matilda Ekenlinde (Thorengruppen IBK)
Defender: #8 Sandra Boric Svard (Thorengruppen IBK)
Forward: #44 Milla Nordlund (TPS)
Centre: #89 Jenna Saario (TPS)
Forward: #27 Oona Kauppi (Thorengruppen IBK)

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