The IFF is happy to announce the beginning of a new partnership with Sportswik (a communication and fan engagement platform)

A holistic communication solution will be introduced soon to the IFF and to be in use for the upcoming Men’s World Floorball Championships 2022. This decision to partner with Sportswik was approved by the Central Board at their meeting in early September 2022. The new media platform will be a great communication tool for the IFF, floorball fans, member associations and all those involved in the sport, helping you follow each international game even more. We believe that the new solution powered by Sportswik will help to engage more and bring everyone closer to the action.

Sportswik is a social media app and a web-platform that is fully focused on sport. It will pack in everything to do with international floorball, through results, live feeds, photos, video highlights and live-streaming also. You will have the ability to follow your favourite team/nation and follow live updates from each game they play, with the ability to engage and chat with other fans during the game. Furthermore, there will be chances to participates in polls, raffles and so on, with chances to win things. Moreover, IFF will be an even more valuable partner for existing and future sponsors as the new communication platfrom can offer direct interaction with the world wide followers. Last but not least, the new communication platform will also replace the very old existing game management software with an up-to-date solution and user interface.

For the upcoming Men’s WFC 2022 we will be including live-streaming, highlights from each game, a live feed of each match and the popular guessing game will be brought over from the old IFF app as it is replaced by the new IFF App powered by the Sportswik platform. All content from the new app will also be available for desktops, laptops and tablets using the corresponding web application.

The Swedish Floorball Federation is now on their third season of using the Sportswik platform for their official app (having over 179’000 registered users), and Swiss Unihockey will launch their new Media Hub powered by the Sportswik platform in 2023. Sportswik have a history of working with floorball teams, clubs and federations since 2014. They understand the game of floorball and will be able to continue to develop great new features to follow and engage around our sport.

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