The IFF Event Disciplinary Function (EDF) has given a one match suspension to Arvid Vibring Lindqvist from Team Norway. The suspension is in connection to the match penalty that he received in the game against Germany at WFC 2020 on Sunday 5th December.

The EDF, which was comprised of members of the IFF Administration, WFC 2020 Jury, and WFC 2020 Referee Management, reviewed the statement of the referees and the statement of the penalised player, as well as reviewing the match video.

It was the opinion of the EDF that the penalised player made an upward movement with their shoulder making direct contact with the opponent’s head. The EDF considers that there was a high risk involved with the action of the penalised player, including the likelihood of injury. Direct contact, with force, was made to the opponent’s head and the player did not take any action to minimise the risk. In this situation the penalty should have been a Match Penalty 3, rather than the Match Penalty 1 that was given by the referees. According to the Rules of the Game a Match Penalty 3 shall also lead to suspension from the following match in the same competition, and further punishment decided by the administrating authority.

The outcome of this decision is that Arvid Vibring Lindqvist is suspended from his team’s next game in the competition, which is the match scheduled to be played on Monday 6th December against Czech Republic. No further punishment will be given.


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