The first World Floorball Summit – Success Factors in International Floorball will be held as an online event on 20th of November 2021. The event provides the latest information on the sport as well as coaching. 

Eerikkilä Sport & Outdoor Resort is organising the first World Floorball Summit in November in cooperation with the IFF. The event aims to create an environment for the international sports community to discuss the development of floorball as well as current trends in coaching. The event will be held online this year, but it is planned to hold future events annually at Eerikkilä.

— Finland is one of the absolute leaders in floorball, and we have very advanced player development and competence development systems. On this basis, it is natural to aim for a role in the international development of the sport as well, says Mikko Pohjola, Eerikkilä’s Director of Research and Development.

Speakers at the first World Floorball Summit will include: Petteri Nykky, the head coach of the Finnish men’s national team; David Jansson, the head coach of the Swiss men’s national team; Sami Kalaja, a top expert in sports and exercise learning, teaching and coaching; Miikka Palvalin, who develops and studies the game analytics of top Finnish floorball; and Mikko Pohjola, Eerikkilä’s Director of Research and Development, who will talk about the holistic understanding of people and learning behind player development. Commercial success is also an important part of developing a growing sport. The event will also feature a speech by Peter Vesterbacka, a floorball influencer known for Angry Birds games. He will talk about the opportunities of commercial success in floorball.

Aiming for game and sport development

The Finnish Floorball Federation’s player path was implemented in 2015, and it is based on Eerikkilä’s E. Way philosophy. The goal of the collaboration has been to create the world’s best coaching system based on knowledge management, in which the player path and the development of coaching skills are key elements.

— With the tools of systematic development monitoring and analytics, we can also offer our top-level expertise to the international floorball community. At Eerikkilä, our most important task is to create the conditions and processes for the development of players, coaches and clubs. In this way, we support the development of the game and the sport, says Miikka Lamu, the Development Manager of Eerikkilä and the Finnish Floorball Federation.

The World Floorball Summit is an open and free event for the entire floorball community. Read more about the programme here and register for the event here. If you cannot attend the summit on 20th November, you can watch it later if you have registered for the event.

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