The IFF Athletes’ Commission (ATC) chaired by Agata Plechan (POL) held it’s first meeting for 2021, virtually, on 15th June. This was the first meeting of the group since the election of the new female members earlier this year. 

For the second time virtually, but first time in a newly formed team, the IFF Athletes’ Commission met to review a number of topics, including IFF Covid-19 Event Protocol for the upcoming International Events, the IFF Strategy for 2021-2032, appointing ATC members to the IFF Committees, changes to the Rules of the Game and the inclusion of the Athletes’ Commission into the IFF Social Media promotion.

In addition to this, the meeting was attended by the Entourage Committee Chair and the IFF Central Board member, Tamuz Hidir (UKR), who briefly introduced the Entourage Committee development plan. The meeting was later attended by the IFF Secretary General, John Liljelund, who updated the ATC Members on the IFF Strategy Plan for 2021-2032 and stressed the importance for athletes being involved into development and Strategy Subgroups.

Athletes also discussed a ways of improving the methods for players to communicate their concerns and ideas so that they can be heard by the IFF.


All the Athletes’ Commission members shared reports on their latest activities and floorball situation in their countries. Also the new members of the ATC, Lara Heini (SUI) and Kabaziba Daphine (UGA) were welcomed by the ATC Chair Agata Plechan for whom this was the first meeting in this new role.

Get to know the Athletes’ Commission members.

Did you know that Jarno won European Championship in snowfight? Lara had an extra role in the biggest film project in Switzerland. She prefers to live on the countryside rather than in a big city. Agata can play piano and she always dreamt of career in high jump. Serio is a traveller and he loves sunbathing. Juno was always the toughest and angry floorball player in Asia & Oceania. He also celebrates his birthday twice! Once in Korea and once in Switzerland where he lives. First thing Daphanie does when she gets up is to drink two glasses of water. She loves eating Chappats (flatbread). Yui loves watching professional wrestling and she sleeps almost 10 hours every day. Tomas used to play football before he turned to be a floorball player. He has played the most international games in Czech Republic.

ATC Members

Agata Plechan POLLara Heini SUIJosefina Eiremo SWEYui Takahashi JPNKabaziba Daphine UGA
Chair Member Member Member Member
Junoh Lee KORSergio Garces ESPJarno Ihme FINTomas Sladky CZE
Member Member Member Member

Read more about Athletes’ Commission members here.

The primary objective of the IFF Athletes’ Commission is to represent the voices and concerns of athletes. It bridges athletes to the IFF through different activities and representation at the IFF Central Board and Committees ensuring athlete voices are factored in decision-making. To contact the Athletes’ Commission directly, send an email to:

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