The regular season standings are now clear in the Men’s Elvi floorball league in Latvia. The first play-off matches are played on 28th-30th of May. In the Women’s league, the semi-finals have been played and it is time for the finals. 

Men’s Elvi league

Lekrings won the regular season with 57 points. Apelsīns/Oxdog Ulbroka took the second place with 48 points and FBK Valmiera the third place with 45 points. The fourth placed team Talsu NSS/Krauzers got 41 points. Klāvs Jansons (Ķekava) was the top scorer of the season with 53 points. Kekava took the fifth place in regular season. For the four teams on the bottom, SK Pārgauja, FK Kurši, Bauska, and RTU/Rockets the season is over.

Play-off pairs
Lekrings (1) – Irlava/Avant (8)
Talsu NSS/Krauzers (4) – Ķekava (5)
Apelsīns/Oxdog Ulbroka (2) – Lielvārde/FatPipe (7)
FBK Valmiera (3) – Rubene (6)

The play-offs are played with best of three system.

Women’s Elvi league

Rubene-1 and FK Ķekava secured their spots in the semi-finals through quarter-finals, while Rubene and Ķekavas Bulldogs/NND had secured those due to the successful regular season. The semi-finals were decided over the weekend. The regular season winner Rubene won the two matches against Rubene-1 (8-3, 8-1) and continue to the finals. In the second semi-final, Ķekavas Bulldogs/NND secured the spot in the finals after winning two matches against FK Ķekava (6-3, 3-0).

The finals will be played with best of three system and first match is played on 5th of June. FK Ķekava and Rubene-1 continue to the bronze match played on 6th of June.

The matches are streamed on Latvian Floorball Union’s YouTube channel.

Source and more information: Latvian Floorball Union

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