Nearly 100 primary and middle school teachers from 26 schools participated in a floorball seminar in Shanxian, Shandong Province, on 21st of August 2020.

The teaching reform department of the National School Sports League had asked the China Floorball Union (CFU) to organise training of physical education teachers in the in Shanzhou middle school in Shanxian. The seminar was successfully held on August 21, 2020 when floorball was introduced as an emerging sport. The lecturer team for this floorball seminar included Guo Xueqi, head of Event & Referee Department of CFU, Li Ji and He Xiaolong, who are IFF level two referees.

– During the seminar the history of floorball was introduced as well as the basic rules and other aspects of floorball during the theoretical class. During the practical part, the basic technical details, training methods, competition management and other aspects of floorball were explained. All the students showed great interest in learning, actively participated in various training sessions and had heated discussions with remarkable results, says Guo Xueqi.

Yang Jun, Secretary General of the National School Sports League, participated in the training and personally carried out the practical experience and gave a positive evaluation of the project. Through this training, the floorball project will be further popularised in primary and secondary schools with the support of the National School Sports League (teaching reform). The task of the National School Sports League is to promote the physical and mental health of the young people, practicing the concept of integration of sports and education, promoting the reform and practice of school physical education curriculum, and laying a solid foundation for the construction of a strong sports country.

Source & more information: China Floorball Union

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