Steen Houman was elected President during Floorball Denmark’s General Assembly. Mr. Houman is a member of the IFF Central Board and the Chair of the Floorball Sports Resource Team at Special Olympics.

– I am happy to be elected to this position. Floorball Denmark has made great progress in the last few years, and the landmark of 10.000 players was reached this year. New steps will also be taken to ensure that the sport will continue to grow. The federation has two major decisions to make, the Strategic plan for 2022-2025 and the Movement for life 2021-2025 project, the newly elected President comments.

Floorball Denmark has been involved with the Movement for life project together with other sports and floorball has been selected to continue. This will mean financial support for Floorball Denmark.

Central Board of Floorball Denmark:
Steen Houman

Vice President
Kasper Bagknop

Lasse Ravn

Jacob Bjørnsholm Madsen
Ronni Rix Back
Esben Staun Larsen
Stinne Jørgensen
Carina Becker

Niels Nybro

Source & more information: Floorball Denmark

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