Miko Kailiala attended the Finnish Floorball Federation’s quarantine live on Instagram on Tuesday. Kailiala has been waiting for the Men’s WFC 2020 for a long time: he marked the dates to his calendar already in 2015. 

In the Finnish Floorball Federation’s fifth quarantine live, the Finnish men’s national team forward Miko Kailiala talked about the national team and the upcoming Men’s WFC, his league team TPS and his life during quarantine.

– Sometimes it’s boring. I’m spending lot of time at home and with my dog. In addition to training, I’ve been fishing and golfing. That’s how I spend my time, Kailiala told about his routines.

Training has still felt good, although this season ended suddenly. The ending of the season was bittersweet. Kailiala’s team TPS was leading 3-0 against Nokian KrP in the quarter-finals.

– It was disappointing. We had the same elements in the game as last spring. My own performance also got better. But this is it – we are playing against a bigger opponent now. The situation is hard for everyone, but it was a right decision (to end the season).

Photo: Martin Flousek

Thoughts about the home WFC

The spark of hope during quarantine is the WFC 2020 in December. The national team player told that he marked the championships in his calendar a long time ago.

– I wrote down the dates already in December 2015, when the information was published. I was already then excited that then I will be in my best age for floorball. I will be 27 years old in December – it’s the “prime time” in this sport. That is what I’ve been waiting for ever since, Kailiala says.

Kailiala has played in three Men’s WFCs, in 2014, 2016 and 2018. He already has two gold medals from 2016 and 2018. The upcoming WFC that will be organised in Helsinki, Finland, has for a long time been a motivator for Kailiala. You can see and hear that from all the answers.

– Finland’s team is tough and hungry for sure. I remember watching the final from the previous home WFC (2010) from my couch – you could feel the atmosphere all the way there. And I want to experience that during my floorball career. In December there will be Kailiala playing the best floorball of his life. That’s why we are working systematically.

– I will be in good fit in December for sure. Let’s believe in the process. When you are not behind others in the physics, you can expect more from yourself in the international matches, Kailiala adds.

Photo: Ondrej Klima

Floorball with the Gretzkys

During the quarantine live Kailiala also told about his connection to the Gretzky family. He has gotten to know Wayne Gretzky’s son Ty Gretzky during hockey camps.

– I’m friends with him. Once a year I go to teach floorball in ice hockey schools. They have a school, where there is 33.3% floorball, 33.3% ice hockey and 33.3% other training. Many children are excited. In that age it’s hard to lift the puck but when you can do it with a floorball ball they get thrilled, Kailiala laughs.

Wayne Gretzky has also learned some floorball. The ice hockey legend’s skills are not dependable of the equipment.

– I have chatted with “Väinö” many times. He has a floorball stick: it’s of course Miklu 2,6 Finland -edition. At least he says he likes floorball. I don’t know how much he has seen the sport, Kailiala laughs.

Source: Finnish Floorball Federation


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