The Finnish Cup finals were played on Saturday the 8th of February in Tallinn, Estonia. SB-Pro won the Women’s final against PSS and Classic won the Men’s final against Nokian KrP.

This was the first time the cup finals were played outside of Finland. The men’s final was sold out with 1050 spectators at the arena and there were over 800 spectators watching the women’s final.

SB-Pro celebrated their third Women’s Cup Final victory on Saturday. The final score against the 2019 Cup winner PSS was 4-3. The player of the game was SB-Pro’s Mirja Hietamäki, who finished a hat-trick in the second period.

Classic dominated the Men’s final and won their fifth Cup championship. They won the match 10-2 against Nokian KrP. Classic’s first line finished 7 goals in the match, Sami Johansson being the top scorer (3+2).

Photo: Ville Vuorinen/Finnish Floorball Federation


Watch the highlights from the Women’s and Men’s final: 



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