The international transfer period ended yesterday and the final top transfers will be published in two parts. The top transfer of this week is Klara Fjorder from Denmark.

The Danish national team forward Klara Fjorder is transferring back to Copenhagen FC after her visit in Sweden. Fjorder represented Denmark in the Women’s WFC in December, scoring six goals in the event. The WFC in Neuchâtel was her third.

Photo of Klara FjorderKlara Fjorder (DEN) Forward – Transferring to Copenhagen Floorball Club (DEN) from Malmö FBC (SWE)
International success:
Women’s WFCQ: 2019, 2017
Women’s WFC: 2019, 2017, 2015
Women’s International Tournament: 2019, 2018, 2016, 2015
6 Nations Floorball Challenge: 2019, 2017

Other transfers:

Photo of Jasper JuutiJasper Juuti (FIN) Forward – Transferring to Floorball Thurgau (SUI) from TPS (Finland)
International success:
Men’s U19 WFC: 2019
Men’s U19 International tournament: 2019
International tournaments: 2018
Finland-Sweden Challenge: 2018
EFT: 2018, 2017

Photo of Katrine SleivaKatrine Sleiva (LAT) Forward – Transferring to MMK Devil & Witches (LAT) from Sportiva Unihockey Mendrisiotto (SUI)
International success:
Women’s U19 WFC: 2010
Women’s U19 International tournament: 2009
EFC: 2017, 2015
Polish Cup: 2010

Photo of Jasmin KrahenbuhlJasmin Krahenbuhl (SUI) Defender – Transferring to Red Ants Rychenberg Winterthur (SUI) from IK Sirius FBC (SWE)
International success:
Women’s U19 WFC: 2016, 2014
Women’s U19 International Tournament: 2015
Polish Cup: 2016, 2014
EFT: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012

Photo of Victor Adrian Hammervold-JashariVictor Hammervold-Jashari (NOR) Defender – Transferring to LYN Innebandy (NOR) from Isere Gresivaudan Floorball (FRA)
International success:
Men’s U19 WFC: 2015
Men’s U19 International Tournament: 2015


Photo of Artur OkruzkoArtur Okruzko (EST) Forward – Transferring to Eesti Maaulikooli Spordiklubi MTU (EST) from FBK Valmiera (LAT)
International success:
Men’s U19 WFCQ: 2019
Me’s U19 WFC B-Division: 2017
Men’s U19 International Tournament: 2016
Men’s International Tournament: 2019
International Tournaments: 2019

Photo of Niklas FelsbergerNiklas Felsberger (AUT) Forward – Transferring to VSV Unihockey (AUT) from Linköping FBC (SWE)
International success:
Men’s U19 WFCQ: 2019, 2017
Men’s U19 International Tournament: 2016
Men’s International Tournament: 2019
Alps Adria Cup: 2019


Photo of Jasper SangenJasper Sangen (NED) Defender – Transferring to Cambridge Floorball Club (GBR) from Floorball Flames Nijmegen (NED)
International success:
Men’s WFCQ: 2018, 2016, 2014, 2012
Men’s U19 WFCQ: 2011, 2009
Men’s International Tournament: 2019, 2017, 2013, 2011


Photo of Aidan FayarchukAidan Fayarchuk (HUN) Forward – Transferring to AC Sparta Praha (CZE) from Phoenix Fireball SE (HUN)
International success:
Men’s U19 WFCQ: 2019
Men’s U19 WFC B-Division: 2017
EFC: 2017


Photo of Mathias JaquenodMathias Jaquenod (FRA) Goalkeeper – Transferring to Les Dahuts Du Lac (FRA) from UC Yverdon (SUI)
International success:
Men’s WFCQ: 2018
Men’s International Tournament: 2017
International de France: 2017


Photo of Angelika BliznakovaAngelika Bliznakova (SVK) Forward – Transferring to TJ Sokol Kralovske Vinohrady (CZE) from SK 98 Pruske (SVK)
International success:
EFC: 2017



 Adam Hemerka (CZE) Forward – Transferring to FBS Hattrick Brno (CZE) from EräViikingit ry (FIN)
International success:
EFT: 2019

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