The top transfers of this week are Reia Nagata from Japan, Paul Theodor Oja from Estonia and Victor Adrian Hammervold-Jashari from Norway.


Reia Nagata is the goalkeeper of Japan’s U19 national team. He is transferring to Kanagawa Floorball Club in Japan from the Finnish EräViikingit. Nagata played in the Men’s U19 World Floorball Championships in Halifax in May.

Photo of Reia NagataReia Nagata* (JPN) Goalkeeper – Transferring to Kanagawa Floorball Club (JPN) from EräViikingit (FIN)
International success:
Men’s U19 WFC B-division: 2019, 2017



Paul Theodor Oja is transferring to the Finnish Porvoon Salibandyseura from Estonian Taltech SK. Oja has represented Estonia in the Men’s U19 World Floorball Championships B-Division and also in the Men’s U19 WFC Qualifications.

Photo of Paul Theodor OjaPaul Theodor Oja (EST) Forward – Transferring to Porvoon Salibandyseura (FIN) from Taltech SK (EST)
International success:
Men’s U19 WFCQ: 2019
Men’s U19 WFC B-Division: 2017
International tournaments: 2019


Victor Adrian Hammervold-Jashari is transferring to French Isere Gresivaudan Floorball from Gjellerasen IF. Hammervold-Jashari has international experience from the Men’s U19 World Floorball Championships in 2015. He also played in the U19 international tournament during the same year.

Photo of Victor Adrian Hammervold-JashariVictor Adrian Hammervold-Jashari (NOR) Defender – Transferring to Isere Gresivaudan Floorball (FRA) from Gjelleråsen IF (NOR)
International success:
Men’s U19 WFC: 2015
Men’s U19 International tournament: 2015



Other transfers:

Photo of Cezary GawrysiakCezary Gawrysiak (POL) Defender – Transferring to Coventry Lightning Floorball Club (GBR) from KS Wejherowo (POL)
International success:
Polish Cup: 2019



Photo of Juan Marcos Blake OteroJuan Marcos Blake Otero (ESP) Forward – Transferring to ASD Viking Roma FC (ITA) from Fenix San Lorenzon (ESP)
International success:
Men’s WFCQ: 2016
Men’s U19 WFCQ: 2009



Photo of Zuzanna LechZuzanna Lech (POL) Forward  – Transferring to MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ (POL) from Aberdeen Oileir Floorball Club (GBR)
International success:
Women’s EFC: 2014




* = not completed

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