An exciting October Internationals Weekend took place from Friday to Sunday when five events were played in four countries. 

Finland won the Women’s U19 Euro Floorball Tour and Sweden the Women’s Euro Floorball Tour, that were both played in Prague, Czech Republic. Slovakia won the Women’s 6-Nations Floorball Challenge that was played in Nowy Targ, Poland. The men’s national teams from Estonia and the Netherlands played twice against each other, Estonia winning both matches. The Men’s 4-Nations Tournament was played in Austria and won by Slovenia.

All standings can be found below and further statistics from the event pages:

4-Nations Tournament: Men (Vienna, Austria)
19th – 20th October, Vienna (TBA)

  1. Slovenia M
  2. Austria M
  3. Great Britain M
  4. Spain M

Estonia v Netherlands: Men (Tallinn, Estonia)
19th – 20th October at Kristiine Sportshall Forelli

EST M – NED M 8-1
EST M – NED M 13-1

Photos are found here

Euro Floorball Tour: Women (Prague, Czech Republic)
18th – 20th October at Arena Sparta

  1. Sweden W
  2. Finland W
  3. Czech Republic W
  4. Switzerland W

Euro Floorball Tour: Women U19 (Prague, Czech Republic)
18th – 20th October at Arena Sparta

  1. Finland WU19
  2. Sweden WU19
  3. Switzerland WU19
  4. Czech Republic WU19

Photos from both EFTs
All photos can be found from Czech Floorball Flickr
The photos are free for common media coverage. Please credit the photographer:
Vladimír Hodač, Czech Floorball (matches 1 and 2)
Martin Flousek, Czech Floorball (matches 3 – 12)

6-Nations Floorball Challenge: Women (Nowy Targ, Poland)
18th – 20th October at Niva Arena

  1. Slovakia W
  2. Latvia W
  3. Poland W
  4. Denmark W
  5. Norway W
  6. Germany W

Photos are found from Polski Unihokej Facebook

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