The Finnish Floorball Federation has signed a historical agreement when the Finnish Men’s Floorball League matches will be shown in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

SSBL Salibandy Ltd. that manages the commercial rights of the Finnish Floorball League, and Nova, the leading sports channel in the Czech Republic, have agreed to show Men’s Floorball League matches.

Through the Nova Sport’s TV channel, the matches are shown in both Czech Republic and Slovakia. Nova will pay for the broadcasting rights to SSBL Salibandy Ltd.

–  In line with the new Finnish Floorball League strategy released in spring 2019, one of the dimensions is internationalisation and we want to respond to this immediately. The appearance of our Floorball League abroad opens up a new commercial opportunity that will increase the market value of the Finnish Floorball League, Kimmo Nurminen the CEO of SSBL Salibandy Ltd, comments.

The contract is for two years. There are 55 matches shown this season. Out of these 55 matches, 35 are regular season matches and the remaining 20 are play-off games.

– We are pleased that we completed everything when the league season has just started. We hope that this major opening will lead to new partnerships already in the coming season. Together with the Floorball League Management Team and the board of SSBL Salibandy Ltd, we have already planned different concepts for the coming years. I would like to thank the parties for their commitment to the common goal, and give special thanks to Peter Vesterbaka, the Board member of SSBL Salibandy Ltd, who openly shares his expertise in this area, says Patrik Forsbacka, the Sales Manager of SSBL Salibandy Ltd.

Source: Finnish Floorball Federation

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