Both men’s and women’s seasons will start on Saturday in Finland. In Sweden, the women’s season will start today and the men’s season will start on Tuesday, September 24th. 


Women’s SSL

Täby is the reigning women’s champion in Sweden, but are not predicted to win gold this season. The SSL coaches have predicted that IKSU, Kais Mora IF and Pixbo are predicted to be the top three teams. The gaming company Svenska Spel have also given their odds and there IKSU (odds 1,70), Kais Mora IF (odds 4,00) and Endre IF (odds 7,50) are the top three teams.

This is how the SSL coaches have predicted the women’s placements:

2) Mora
3) Pixbo
4) Endre
5) Täby
6) Rönnby
7) Sirius
8) Dalen
9) Jönköping
10) Malmö
11) Karlstad
12) Nacka
13) Warberg
14) Skoghall

Women’s SSL can be followed here

Photo: Per Wiklund

Men’s SSL

Storvreta is again the favourite to win the Men’s SSL. The team has won gold for two seasons in a row and is again predicted to be the champion by both the SSL coaches and Svenska Spel’s odds. The SSL coaches have predicted that Storvreta will be followed by Falun and Dalen.

This is how the SSL coaches have predicted the men’s placements:

1) Storvreta
2) Falun
3) Dalen
4) Linköping
5) Mullsjö
6) Växjö
7) Sirius
8) Kalmarsund
9) Pixbo Wallenstam
10) Jönköping
11) Helsingborg
12) Höllviken
13) Warberg
14) Visby

Men’s SSL can be followed here

The Men’s and Women’s Superfinals in Sweden are played on Saturday April 25th 2020 in Ericsson Globe.



Women’s NLA and NLB

The Women’s Salibandyliiga was divided into two separate leagues for this season, namely league A and league B. There are 16 teams in total, 8 in each league. All teams will play 21 matches and based on last season’s results, the four most successful teams from both NLB and NLA , will have one home game more.

The eight teams that played in the last season’s play-offs are playing in the NLA this season. NLB consists of two teams from the previous top league, four best 1st division teams and two teams that got their spot through last season’s play-outs. All NLA and NLB teams were listed previously here.

Photo: Juhani Järvenpää

The reigning champion and this season’s favourite is SB-Pro. The team won their third championship title last season, when they beat PSS in the fifth final. In the bronze match Koovee won against TPS and celebrated their first ever bronze medal.

Women’s NLA can be followed here and NLB here.

Men’s league

The men’s Salibandyliiga in Finland is played with 14 teams and each team will play 26 matches during the regular season. After regular season, the teams placed 1-8 will continue to play-offs. The team on the bottom will play in the men’s 1st division next season and teams from places 12-13 will continue to play-outs.

Photo: Esa Takalo

Classic did not only win the national championship last season, they also won the Champions Cup. The team has now won four previous national championships and they have all the chances to celebrate their fifth title this season as well. Last season Classic won the final series against TPS 4-1 and SPV took home the bronze.

There are also two newcomers in the men’s league, Tiikerit and ÅIF. This is their first time ever playing in the highest league.

The men’s league can be followed here

In both women’s and men’s league in Finland the final series will take place during the spring instead of Superfinal.

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