A total of 228 teams from 17 nations will play in the Czech Open 2019. The matches will be played in 13 Prague arenas and all the finals will be played on Sunday August 11th in the hall at Podvinný mlýn. 


The Floorball Czech Open is a combination of tradition and quality. Since 1993, when the tournament first took place, the greatest floorball stars have been coming to Prague .  The 28th year of the tournament, will start on August 8th and will be as entertaining as in previous years. UNIHOC is the main partner of the event.

Floorball fans can look forward to the seeing the champions from last year’s Czech Open, Falun men and Pixbo women in action once again. Pixbo will participate both in the men’s and women’s competitions. After a year’s pause, the famous Swiss club Wiler Ersigen will play i Czech Open. Also Mladá Boleslav, the Czech runner-up with a team full of Czech national team players. In addition, the Latvian team Lekrings will play in the men’s elite category.

Tight matches can be expected in the women’s elite group. The favourite will be Pixbo, that will defend gold. However, four other Swedish teams or the current champions of the Czech league, Vítkovice, that will be preparing for the Floorball Champions Cup, will also be dangerous. The women’s open category, to which 48 teams have entered, will feature a team from Singapore.

High-quality matches can be seen in all categories, not just in the male “elite” group. Strong teams (Kladno, Vinohrady, Bulldogs Brno, the Singapore national team and others) will compete in the Men’s Pro group, which has existed since 2014. This year, a new U21 category will also be played.

More tournament information can be found on the official website czechopen.cz.
Photos by Czech Floorball Open

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