The Women’s World Floorball Championships are played in Neuchâtel this December and we want to follow the players’ journey towards the event. To promote women’s floorball and women’s WFC, we have one player from each participating country, acting as the IFF GoGirls! ambassador. The ambassadors will be introduced during the next weeks and the journey towards the World Championships may begin!

Katarína Klapitová is the GoGirls! ambassador from team Slovakia. Katarína has played in the U19 World Floorball Championships twice and the upcoming WFC in Neuchâtel will be her fifth Women’s WFC. Katarína currently plays in Switzerland and last season she won both the Swiss Cup and Swiss Championship with Kloten-Dietlikon Jets.


– Hi everybody, my name is Katarína Klapitová and at the age of 24 I have reached my childhood’s goal: to win 3 national titles in 3 different countries (currently it is Slovak, Czech and Swiss). 

How did you start playing floorball and how long have you played?

– I started to play floorball when I was 11. That time my older brother had been playing it for some time so I did as well. Looks like I have been playing floorball for 13 years. 

How did you join the national team?

– I joined U19 national team when I was 14 years old and since then I have been a part  of women’s national team.

How do you prepare for the WFC 2019?

–  Think like every other player: I practice, I eat, I sleep and I watch movies. Conor McGregor: Notorious to boost my confidence 😂

Who is your favourite floorball player?

– Emil Johansson. I don’t really have a favourite female player.

Random fact?

–  Blue eyes.


GoGirls! Floorball is the IFF project aimed at helping to increase and promote the participation of girls and women in floorball throughout the world. Read more from here

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