Sports Data Analyst Petr Malina has published Your 2018 WFC Data Analytics Guide in collaboration with Czech Floorball. The analysis is aimed to present data analysis results from the 2018 Men’s World Floorball Championships in Prague. 

This publication is the first large-scale electronic publication for Malina. In 2016, Malina Sport Data launched a data tracking and analysis of floorball in cooperation with Czech Floorball. The current report aims to both connect and compare data from 2016 and 2018 Men’s World Floorball Championships. According to the author, this kind of analysis can be both new and a significant tool in understanding the game of floorball.

The main areas of interest in the current publication are the comparison of attributes on goals scored at the 2018 and 2016 Men’s World Floorball Championships. The Goal Scoring Data (GSD) was collected from 48 games and from 16 teams at the 2018 WFC.  The second aim was to offer comprehensive analysis of Possession-Based Data (PBD) that was tracked in 24 games of top eight teams at 2018 WFC. The PBD helps to further understand the specialities of international floorball at the elite level. Finally, the report aims to open discussion about presented data and how it could be used in an actual game.

The publication is intended for both professional floorball people as well for general public around the world and it is completely written in English.

You can download the 158-page publication from here

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