The IFF has based on the feedback received from the market and the discussions with its stakeholders, decided to take a time-out concerning the rule of same branded grip and stick. The rule was originally included in the Material Regulation edition 2020.

The IFF Material Board decided about the updated version of the IFF Material Regulations for 2020 in its meeting on June 10th, 2019. The new regulations included a change concerning the rule of marking the grips for floorball sticks and the requirements to have the same branded grip as the stick. This decision was approved by the IFF Central Board (CB) during the CB meeting held later on the same day.

 – The decision led to heavy debate and much negative feedback from the floorball world and some concerns were also raised by the floorball manufacturers. The IFF therefore feels that it is necessary to take a time-out in this matter and to discuss and evaluate all the effects that the rule would have. As the decision would only have taken effect on 1st of July 2020, with still a one year transfer period for the players, there is still time to open and re-evaluate the decision, Mr. John Liljelund, IFF Secretary General informs.

The IFF will discuss the matter thoroughly with its stakeholders and revert with a proposal for the IFF CB, before its meeting in September.

For further information, please contact IFF Secretary General Mr. John Liljelund:
e-mail: liljelund(@)
phone: +358400529030

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