The floorball fan survey was conducted during December 2018 and April 2019 as an online survey by the students of Glion Institute of Higher Education. The questionnaire was distributed via International Floorball Federation’s (IFF) and several national associations’ digital channels. The answers, from almost 1800 persons, came mainly from seven countries (Finland, Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland).

The goal was to investigate the habits and perceptions of the fans which will act as guidance in developing the marketing strategy and the partnerships of the IFF.

The fan base is male dominant (~75%) however with the World Floorball Championships (WFC) for men and women being played in alternating years, the female events attract more female attention. It is notable that most of the fans (~56%) are under 30 years of age.

According to the study, floorball has a very active target group. This means that they like to move and exercise but are also active in social media. In a way this also mirrors the sport itself, as respondents indicated the three most descriptive words for the sport being fast, energetic and modern. The fans deemed the business areas most fitting for floorball as health tech, online shopping websites, car brands, travel industry and mobile electronics.

The preferred channels to follow floorball are Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. This coincides with the highest follower numbers of the IFF being in those channels.


Picture: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram aggregate follower figures from all IFF accounts (May 2019)


At floorball events a large majority of the respondents display interest to competitions and half-time contests presenting opportunities for partners to interact with the audience. With the record-breaking number audience experienced in the previous World Floorball Championships (WFC 2018 figures) the track is now paved for companies to seize this opportunity.

The IFF is thankful for the ABP students of Glion Higher Institute of Education for their input and dedication. We are equally grateful for our sponsors who helped us execute the study: HMD Global for providing a Nokia 7.1. mobile phone as prize as well as long-term partner UNIHOC for the CARBSKIN prize stick.

More on about the results: summary in Slideshare / full results of survey via Surveyhero

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