Corin Rüttimann (Piranha Chur) and Deny Känzig (SV Wiler-Ersigen) have been elected the Most Valuable Players (MVPs) of the 2018/19 season in Switzerland. In addition, the best goalkeepers, coaches and referees have been elected. 

The elections were done by NLA-captains, NLA-coaches as well as media.

The 27-year-old Corin Rüttimann could defend the MVP award from last year. As league top scorer with 68 points (38 goals and 30 assists), she was once again an important player for her team Piranha Chur. After the victory in the Supercup early in the season and after dominating in the national league, Corin Rüttimann and her team did however not get the biggest awards of the season when Piranha Chur lost to Kloten-Dietlikon Jets in both the Swiss Cup Final and the Superfinal.

The 22-year-old Deny Känzig was already earlier voted the MPP (Most Popular Player) of the season by fans and now he also received the MVP award. Känzig collected 52 points for his team SV Wiler-Ersigen, although he was missing out the start of the play-offs due to injury. At the Superfinal Wiler-Ersigen was crowned the Swiss champion for the twelfth time. Känzig scored two goals and gave two assists in the 8-4 victory, which is why he was voted the best player.

More award winners

In addition to the MVP titles various other awards have been elected. Pascal Meier (GC Unihockey) and Monika Schmid (Kloten-Dietlikon Jets) won the titles of the best goalies. Luan Misini (GC Floorball) and Felix Coray (UHV Scorpion Emmental) received the best coaches awards. For the fourth time in a row, Corina Wehinger and Sandra Zurbuchen were voted as the best referee pair in the men’s NLA. In the women’s NLA Christian Crivelli and Davide Rampoldi received the award (like last year).

Men’s awards
MVP: Deny Känzig (SV Wiler-Ersigen)
Best goalkeeper: Pascal Meier (GC Unihockey)
Best coach: Luan Misini (GC Unihockey)
Best referee pair: Corina Wehinger / Sandra Zurbuchen
League top scorer: Billy Nilsson (Zug United)

Women’s awards
MVP: Corin Rüttimann (Piranha Chur)
Bester goalkeeper: Monika Schmid (Kloten-Dietlikon Jets)
Best coach: Felix Coray (UHV Skorpion Emmental)
Best referee pair: Christian Crivelli / Davide Rampoldi
League top scorer: Corin Rüttimann (Piranha Chur)

Source: Swiss Unihockey

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