The women’s semi-finals have been played in Finland and SB-Pro and PSS made it to the final. In the men’s finals, Classic is leading 2-0 against TPS. The Superfinal is no longer played in Finland and both the women’s and men’s finals are played with a best of seven system. 

Women’s finals

The reigning champion SB-Pro secured their spot in the final first, when the team got the deciding third win in the match against TPS. Last season, SB-Pro played for the gold against Classic and celebrated the championship victory after a three-year break.

Semi-final results:
SB-Pro – TPS 4-2
TPS – SB-Pro 5-11
SB-Pro – TPS 7-2

Will PSS celebrate the championship this year? Photo: Esa Takalo

The other semi-final serie between Koovee and PSS was decided after four games. In the fourth game, Ella Holmberg (PSS) scored the 4-3 goal in the last second of the overtime (79.59) and secured the spot in the finals. An interesting fact is that PSS won the three games against Koovee on overtime. This is the second time in club’s history when PSS is playing in the women’s final. The last time PSS played in the final was in 2008 and then Classic won the championship.

Semi-final results:
PSS – Koovee 4-3 ot.
Koovee – PSS 3-1
PSS – Koovee 5-4 ot.
Koovee – PSS 3-4 ot.

Koovee and TPS will be playing for the bronze in one single match. The bronze match takes place on Friday 19th of April. The first women’s final is played on Tuesday 23rd of April.

Changes in the women’s top league

The Women’s Salibandyliiga will be divided into two separate leagues for the season 2019-20, namely league A and league B. There will be 16 teams in total, 8 in each league. The teams in this year’s play-offs are playing in the NLA next season. NLB consists of two teams from the previous top league, four best 1st division teams, and two teams that got their spot through play-outs.

In total, 21 matches will be played in NLA and NLB, meaning that four teams that were most successful in the previous season, have one home game more.

Teams in the Finnish Women’s league 2019-20 (*11 home games)

SB-Pro, Nurmijärvi*
PSS, Porvoo*
Koovee, Tampere*
TPS, Turku*
EräViikingit, Helsinki
SSRA, Oulu
Classic, Tampere
Pelicans SB, Lahti

NST, Lappeenranta*
ÅIF, Sipoo*
FBC Loisto, Turku*
O2-JKL. Jyväskylä*
Pirkat, Pirkkala
LoSB, Lohja
Steelers, Hämeenlinna
SB Welhot, Kuopio

Men’s finals

The bronze medals went to Seinäjoki this year. Photo: Juha Käenmäki

Two matches have been played in the men’s final and the reigning champion Classic is leading 2-0 against TPS. Next games are played on Thursday 18th and on Saturday 20th.

The bronze match was played between SPV and Oilers. SPV took home the bronze with numbers 7-0.

ÅIF and Tiikerit are playing in the men’s Salibandyliiga next season. This is the first time for both teams to play in the men’s top league.

Source: Finnish Floorball Federation

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