The Latvian Superfinal took place on Saturday in Arena Riga. In total 4028 spectators witnessed the finals and the end of the regular floorball season.   

Women’s bronze match and final

The Women’s bronze match was played already on Friday between NND Riga and Kekavas Bulldogs. NND Riga won the bronze clearly, final score being 12-3.

In the women’s final, the 11-time champion Rubene played against Kekava. Kekava had made improvement since last season’s 4th place and the team was chasing first championship title in Kekava’s history. Kekava started well and was leading the game in the beginning of the second period 3-1, but Rubene evened the game in the third period. Finally, the game went into overtime. Simona Grapena became Rubene’s hero by scoring the golden goal and Rubene won the championship 6th time in a row.

Rubene celebrated the 12th Championship.

Men’s bronze match

The Men’s bronze match was played between Lekrings and Talsu NSS/Krauzers. In this exciting match, the winner was only decided in the last period, with seven seconds to go. Then Kevins Šmits finished his hat-trick with the 6-4 goal and Lekrings took home the bronze.

Men’s final

In the men’s final, Lielvārde/Fat Pipe faced the reigning champion, Betsafe Oxdog Ulbroka. The game was tight from the beginning and 40 minutes had to be played before goal scoring could really start. Ulbroka was leading 3-1 in the beginning of the third period but the game was not over yet. First Lielvärde evened the game. Then Sandris Virsnītis and Sandis Mihailovskis made Lielvärde take the lead. Niks Blumfelds finalised the win for Lielvärde, although Ulbroka’s Lauris Zaicevs succeeded in the last minute. Final numbers 6-4 for Lielvärde/Fat Pipe.

Source and photos: Latvian Floorball Union

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