The National Floorball Federation of Russia (NFFR) has developed a Mobile App, called Floorball On, which is a first ever floorball specialised messenger. The aim is to bring international fans together.

The idea was in our minds for a while. It turned into action when we had discussions with our partners, who are associated with digital technologies and who have taken part in the development of floorball in Russia. We were discussing the ways to develop floorball, and one of the ways, is to unite the young floorball community in one place – on the mobile phone. Floorball has some mobile apps, but has not yet had a messenger app, where we can communicate with each other, make news channels, channels for favourite players and teams, make audio and video calls, says Mr. Maksim Chernov, the President of NFFR.

– Floorball On is a great possibility for teams, players, staff and fans. And of course the goal is to make floorball famous, visible and involve spectators and fans, as many as possible, Mr Chernov continues.

Floorball On is available both for Android and iOS. Additionally, there is also a web version which is available at

What about the future of the app?

The future of the App is directly connected with the future of floorball and we hope that this future will be bright. And I hope that the floorball messenger that unites floorball fans, will make a small contribution to it, Mr. Chernov concludes.

Source: National Floorball Federation of Russia (NFFR)

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