The Final4 2019 semi-finals and finals were played last weekend in Leipzig, Germany. MFBC Grimma won the Women’s Cup and TV Lilienthal won the Men’s Cup.

The Women’s first semi-final was played between  SG Tübingen/Ludwigshafen/Karlsruhe and USV TU Dresden. The match was also called as the match of the underdogs, since the other semi-final was played between two Bundesliga teams and winner favourites. USV TU Dresden made it to the final, by winning the game rather clearly, 6-1.

In the second semi-final UHC Weißenfels  played against MFBC Grimma. The match was expected to be a tight one and it definitely was that until the last minute. Grimma won the game 5-4 and made it to the final against USV TU Dresden.

Photo: Luisa Mocker (Luigrafie)

The crowd in Leipzig saw two very even men’s semi-final matches. First, TV Lilienthal Floorball faced the current German champion, UHC Weißenfels. The teams were familiar to each other, and it was Lilienthal, who played against UHC Weißenfels in last season’s final. This game was different and TV Lilienthal was ready for it. Lilienthal won the game in overtime and secured the spot in the final. Final numbers 5-4.

Also, the Men’s second semi-final was tight between Red Devils Wernigerode and MFBC Leipzig, although Leipzig controlled the game in the first period. The match went all the way to penalty shootout. In the shootout, Miro Kortelainen succeeded and took the Red Devils into the final. Final score 6-5.

Photo: Luisa Mocker (Luigrafie)

On Sunday, it was time for the finals. In the Women’s final, USV TU Dresden was able to challenge MFBC Grimma in the beginning, but in the end it was clear which team was going to take the Cup home. Final numbers 7-3 for MFBC Grimma.

Photo: Antje Blümel

In the Men’s final TV Lilienthal faced Red Devils Wernigerode. The game was domination by TV Lilienthal, and the score was already 4-0 after the first 20 minutes. In the third period, Red Devils came back to the game but it was too late. TV Lilienthal Floorball won the Cup, final numbers being 8-5.

Source: Floorball Final4 2019


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