The regular season in the Danish top leagues is over and it is time for the play-offs. In the Men’s UNIHOC Floorball Liga, the play-offs started last weekend and in the Women’s ZONE Floorball Liga, the play-offs will begin this week.

Men’s play-offs

In the Men’s UNIHOC Floorball Liga, Fr. Blackhawks defeated Sunds Seahawks FC 10-9 in the last game of the regular season and got the first place. Blackhawks won the championship last year and is also a favourite this season. Benløse FC took the third place with a great victory 11-2 over Rødovre FC in their last regular season match.

The top eight teams will play in the play-offs. The regular season winner, chooses their play-off opponent from the teams placed 5th-8th in the regular season. The team placed second will choose their play-off opponent from the remaining teams with the same tactic. The play-offs are played with a best of five system. The first two rounds were played during last weekend and the remaining rounds will take place during the next weeks. The semi-finals will also be decided with a best of five system and the season culminates in the the Super Final, which is played on Saturday 13th of April.

Play-Off pairs (number of wins in the brackets):
Fr. Blackhawks – BFC Vendsyssel (2-0)
Sunds Seahawks FC – Vanløse Floorball (2-0)
Benløse FC – Hvidovre Attack FC (2-0)
Rødovre FC – Copenhagen FC (0-2)

Women’s play-offs

In the Women’s ZONE Floorball Liga WEST, AaB Floorball remained undefeated during the regular season, and so did Copenhagen FC in the East. Fr. Blackhawks won the women’s  championship last season, but now the team is placed third with 20 points.




The top four teams from both East and West, will play in the play-offs. Number one from West is playing against number four from East and the team placed first in East, will face the West’s number four. For Aalborg Flyers FC, Hjørring Hawks and Greve Floorball Club the season is over.

The play-offs start this week and are played with a best of three system. Semi-finals are also played with the same system and the two best teams will make it to the Super Final.

Play-off pairs: 
Copenhagen FC – Herning FC
AaB Floorball – Hafnia FC
Hvidovre Attack FC – Fr. Blackhawks
ÅFK – Rødovre FC

Source and photos: Danish Floorball Association

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