The Swiss Cup Finals took place in Bern last Saturday. Kloten-Dietlikon Jets were victorious in the Women’s final and Tigers Langnau in the Men’s. 


Women’s Cup Final

The Women’s Swiss Cup final was played between Kloten-Dietlikon Jets and Piranha Chur. The start of the final was even and both teams got their chances to score. Regardless, the first period ended without goals. The second period was dominated by Chur and before the last period, the numbers were 2-0 to Chur. The last period turned out to be a surprising one, when the Jets woke up to play on the 47th minute and Tanja Stella managed to score. The game then changed totally, and Jets were able to score three more goals during the last 10 minutes of the game. Chur tried to even the game, but did not succeed. The final score was 4-2 for Jets, who won back the Cup title, after last year’s defeat against Chur.

Photo: Michael Peter


Men’s Cup Final

In the Men’s Swiss Cup final Tigers Langnau faced the favourite Grasshopper Club Zurich, in front of 3 200 spectators. GC won the regular season in the Swiss top league, while Langnau missed the play-offs, and will play in the play-outs. Regardless of this, the game was tight from the beginning, and the first period ended 3-3. In the third period, Langnau’s top scorer Simon Flühman was penalised (5+2) and GC was given the chance to increase their lead in power play. In the end, it seemed that GC was going to take the title, but Langnau did not give up. While shorthanded, with five players and a an empty goal, Langnau evened the game just two minutes before the end. The game had to be decided with penalty shots, as the score was still even after overtime. After 14 tries in the penalty shootout, Martin Kisugite succeeded and secured Langnau’s win against GC. The final score, 9-8.

Photo: Fabian Trees


League Cup Finals

The League Cup finals (small-field), also took place on Saturday. In the Women’s final, UHT Semsales took their first Cup victory against UHCevi Gossau. The final numbers were 9-4. This was  the first time that a Romansh club won the title. In the Men’s final, Blau-Gelb Cazis defended their Cup title successfully against UHC Nuglar United. After a tight final, the numbers were 9-8 for Cazis.

Source: swiss unihockey


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