On December 1st, the Shanghai Youth Development Center successfully hosted the “Infineon Cup”  – the Integration Together Special Olympics Floorball Invitational Tournament.

The competition was hosted by the Youth Development Promotion Center, sponsored by Infineon Technologies and supported by the Shanghai Special Olympics, jointly carried out by the Asian Oceania Floorball Confederation Youth Development Committee (AOFC YDC) as the partner. This competition was the continuation of the Special Olympics Floorball League in May 2018.

17 Special Olympics teams, eight unified teams from 14 schools in Shanghai and surrounding areas, as well as a South Korean Special Olympics team participated in the competition. The tournament reached nearly 200 registered athletes.

Ms. Feng Meisun, President of International Special Olympics East Asia, Mr. Ching Sy Jeng, Vice Chairman of Asia Oceania Floorball Confederation, and Mr. Sun Yuanjie from Shanghai Youth Development Promotion Center attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Mr. Yuan Yong, the jury person of the Rules and Competition Committee (RACC) of the IFF, was also invited to introduce the official management agency – the China Sports Administration Floorball Association and announce that floorball officially changed its Chinese name to 软式曲棍球 (Ruan Shi Qu Gun Qiu), as well as athlete grading standards. Representatives of various sponsors also attended the event.

The Korean team that participated for the first time also won the championship of their group. The top scorers, the best defenders and the players with most assists were awarded from each group.

At the opening ceremony of the competition, the “Special Olympics (unified) Floorball League” supported by eight schools was formally established, and the first batch of member schools/units reached as many as 17 teams. The league aims to create a fusion sports platform to further promote the popularisation and improvement of floorball in for all and to provide better development opportunities for all youth athletes.

Source and photos: China Floorball Federation

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