The reigning Swedish champion, IKSU, won the Women’s Champions Cup and the reigning Finnish champion, Classic, won the Men’s Champions Cup. The CC 2019 was played in Gävle, Sweden, January 3rd – 4th.

IKSU faced the Czech champion, Vitkovice, in the Women’s Champions Cup final. IKSU was stronger in the final and could win the match 8-3. Veera Kauppi, who scored 3+1, was elected best player of the match from the gold medal team.

2019 CCwinnerWomen_ iksu

Women’s CC 2019 standings:

  1. IKSU (SWE)
  2. Vitkovice (CZE)
  3. SB-Pro (FIN)
  4. Piranha Chur (SUI)
Photo by: Per Wiklund

Classic won the Men’s Champions Cup 2019. In the final, they defeated the Swedish champion Storvreta IBK with 10-3. Joonas Pylsy, who scored 3+1, was elected best player of the final from the gold medal team.

Men’s CC 2019 standings:

  1. Classic (FIN)
  2. Storvreta (SWE)
  3. Koniz (SUI)
  4. Florbal MB (CZE)

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